Although things are quit different in the new COVID-19 world, Chris and Becky continue at work. Retirement seems to be a daily consideration, but that would just leave too much time on our hands.

The boys have grown to become men.

Dave, Mike, and Jeff are all enjoying careers at Toyota Canada in Woodstock. Still always good to have them home for the weekend!

The baby of the family (certainly can’t call him that anymore for anyone who has seen him) is at Henry Ford Health Center in Detroit. Commuting from Windsor to Detroit is certainly an easier commute than Dave’s Windsor to Woodstock daily trek.

Everyone is fine and doing well.


We’re a busy family with lot’s going on every day. For those of you out there with young families thinking things may settle down after the kids are grown and gone … think again. Even when they are grown and gone, things don’t slow down.

Even after 39+ years, things are still as busy as ever – just a different kind of busy. As we all get older, and the family grows, so can the challenges.


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